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China PCB assembly market demand
Dec 22, 2017

  PCB assembly process is very complex, including PCB substrate manufacturing process, parts procurement and testing, SMT chip assembly, DIP plug, PCBA testing and other important processes. PCBA Testing Throughout the Process PCBA will determine the final product's performance in the most important aspects of quality control. So what is the PCBA test form? Kyobo technicians here for everyone to introduce completed.

PCB assembly tests include: ICT test, FCT test, burn-in test, fatigue test, test in the form of five harsh environments.

1, ICT testing includes the main circuit, voltage and current values and curve, amplitude and noise off.

2. The FCT test program requires the ability to program the IC to simulate the entire test board PCBA in hardware and software with the necessary production and test bench fasteners.

3, fatigue test is mainly PCBA sample plate, and high-frequency function, failed to observe whether there is a long-term operation, the probability of failure to determine the test, this behavior in the feedback electronic circuit board PCBA.

The resulting PCB assembly randomized samples were inferred from the results of the PCBA board batches trusted and so on, as shown in Figure 4, with harsh environmental tests exposing extreme temperatures, humidity, drips, splashes, vibrations.

5, aging test, PCBA board and electronic products are long-term maintenance of power supply, after the aging of electronic products batch test to confirm, in order to failure at the factory.

What type of PCBA test is available today? In the complex process of PCBA, we can not guarantee that the produced product is certified during the manufacturing process, and improper operation or equipment problems may occur. Therefore, PCB does not show the necessity of testing. Ensure the quality of each product.

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