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After chip decryption, can master back to the customer?
Jul 05, 2016

After chip decryption, can master back to the customer? Technically speaking, SCM declassified when, we will expose the wafers, at high magnification microscope and observation to determine the chip's encryption and decryption scheme is determined, by burning off encryption, jumper line, extract the encryption for a program established by the obstacles to be removed, so as to read out the internal procedures. Chip decryption is a technology live, technology is the Foundation of chip decryption inventory if I return the master, is equivalent to its own unique technology to share to others, chip decryption company obviously is not going to allow this to happen. We rely on these for us to create value, if others got key technology so lightly, that we are not willing to see. Some customer and will said, I and not understand technology, I only wants to got I of mother tablets, but on we for, we not know who understand technology who not understand technology, so simply alike, all mother tablets are not back, maintenance we himself of interests of while, also let this industry can better is of development, after all currently for, China also is need reverse research to for technology power of.

What is a mother? The initial chip, without modifying the original chip. After chip decryption, can master back to the client, decrypts the company can provide customers samples. We can have a look at it.

Why few returned after chip decryption tablets? For this problem, many customers have expressed their concern, of course, we understand that many customers have chip hard, there are a lot of "out of print" insufficient to describe too much, want once decrypted, especially after failing to return to the mother can understand. But cooperation is founded on a fair basis, decryption failures is that both sides are unwilling to see the results, so we at any time is very serious, we will have confidence that they can do the next, and for the new chip, we could not get their hands on, or heavy losses. Once established, and our customers are on the same side, and prosperity, and harmed, both with success for the only goal.

In one case, account should also be taken into account. That's even chip decryption fails, master in principle is not returned, because the sheets above also has traces of decryption, for non-technical people, and also can read the decrypted decrypted some of the steps a company and technology. Therefore, transin think technology in any very seriously, sure will be next, for the new chips won't try, and this is to the greatest extent possible to ensure that the interests of its clients. Because some of the small number of chips, and even print, creating the core SI technology won't take customers ' precious ' mother as guinea pigs.