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Process Validation Phase

Process Validation Phase

Process Validation PhaseIs the Product Ready for Volume Production?TOPSCOM engineers are highly skilled in transfering a design to volume production.pcb assembly, shenzhen pcb assembly, china pcb assembly, electronics contract manufacturing services, pcba and pcb printed circuit boards assembly services, china supplier manufacturer, Topscom Technology.

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Process Validation Phase

Is the Product Ready for Volume Production?

TOPSCOM engineers are highly skilled in transfering a design to volume production. Engineers perform critical analysis of the systems and processes for cost effective, optimization in volume manufacturing facilities.

Process Validation Phase Deliverables

Assembly and test process capabilities study

Final process and test documentation

Approved manufacturer list (AML) with multi-sourcing

First revenue-generating product units

Production, assembly and logistics flows are analyzed and problems are identified and corrected. Reliability risk analysis and process failure mode effects analysis is performed. All technical documentation and equipment is transferred to the production sites. Training and support are provided to the product introduction team.


Logistics are in place and procurement is underway. A cost reduction roadmap is developed and second/third sources are qualified. The team also prepares for production.

The product is ready for volume production

Topscom Technology is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers who is committed to provide customers high quality and customized process validation phase. Our factory can also give you wholesale service which is made in China, welcome to get process validation phase with us.

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