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PCB ISO 9001 Design

PCB ISO 9001 Design

PCB ISO 9001 Design ProcessThe Topscom PCB design process is ISO 9000 approved. The five distinct check cycles designate specific actions pcb assembly, shenzhen pcb assembly, china pcb assembly, electronics contract manufacturing services, pcba and pcb printed circuit boards assembly services, china supplier manufacturer, Topscom Technology.

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PCB ISO 9001 Design Process

The Topscom PCB design process is ISO 9000 approved. The five distinct check cycles designate specific actions and milestones so customers can review the project after each critical point in the design.

Check Cycle 1: Component and Mechanical

Converts the customer drawings to a CAD-based physical footprint library

Ability to choose from over 1,500 manufacturing-proven standard TOPSCOM footprints or build custom footprints

Create a standard or custom board outline

Check Cycle 2: Placement

Perform placement of components onto board and verification approvals

Perform Valor DFM and DFx testing

Check for appropriate clearances between ICs

Check for fiducials for pick/place alignment

Check Cycle 3: Critical Routing

Perform the critical signal routing on the board


High speed clock lines

Differential pairs

Power, high voltage routing 

Check Cycle 4: 100% Route

Final routing completed

Documentation and electronic files generated/approved

Fabrication and assembly requirements drawings

PCB layer stack detail and dimensions

Drill and Placement files

Gerber files

Board silk screen for customer part numbers, pin #, etc

Check Cycle 5: Ready for Manufacture

Final DFx and Quality Assurance testing

All post processing output is done through Valor to address manufacturing issues such as panelization and standard Gerber formats

Topscom Technology is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers who is committed to provide customers high quality and customized pcb iso 9001 design. Our factory can also give you wholesale service which is made in China, welcome to get pcb iso 9001 design with us.

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