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Detailed Design Phase

Detailed Design Phase

Detailed Design PhaseWhat Is the Product?Once the concepts are reviewed and a design is selected, the team knows what the product is.pcb assembly, shenzhen pcb assembly, china pcb assembly, electronics contract manufacturing services, pcba and pcb printed circuit boards assembly services, china supplier manufacturer, Topscom Technology.

Product Details

Detailed Design Phase

What Is the Product?

Once the concepts are reviewed and a design is selected, the team knows what the product is. Engineers across disciplines execute the detailed product design and development, build engineering prototypes and verify the product.

Detailed Design Phase Deliverables

Approved design

Preliminary technical product documentation

Prototype functional test results

Production launch costs and schedule

Tooling specification

Production test specification


Industrial designers refine the form and appearance, create hard models and develop the final 3D rendering.

Mechanical designers perform detailed part and assembly design, perform analysis of the design, and develop prototypes for test and verification. Tooling designers develop the tooling required for the design validation and volume production.

Electrical engineers finalize the schematic and bill of materials, design any required ASICs and FPGAs, perform modeling and simulation of the circuitry, check signal integrity, create PCB layout, perform DFX analysis, and build prototypes units. Verification of the design is performed through electrical, mechanical and software performance testing.


Software developers perform all of the required software coding from firmware support, driver development, embedded development, and application software. Processes are based on ISO standardization. Design verification testing ensures that the software meets specified requirements. The ability to trace requirements to designs and test cases ensures there are no major surprises during software verification testing. Topscom engineers specify, design and build the fixtures and test systems required for assembly and testing of the product during product launch and high volume manufacturing.

The program managers and the global operations teams develop the supply chain and the global logistics solution for the product.

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