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Applications Software Developm

Applications Software Developm

Topscom designs and develops software applications spanning a wide product range and implementation capabilities. pcb assembly, shenzhen pcb assembly, china pcb assembly, electronics contract manufacturing services, pcba and pcb printed circuit boards assembly services, china supplier manufacturer, Topscom Technology.

Product Details

Topscom designs and develops software applications spanning a wide product range and implementation capabilities. These include integration with legacy systems, business applications, client/server systems, transaction and message switching, database design, and web applications.

Topscom has successfully completed numerous projects including:

Internet and corporate banking systems

Fax/email and fax/telex gateways

Voice over IP (VOIP) gateways

Patient care management

Transaction processing servers

Legacy communication gateways

Travel reservation systems

Configuration management systems

Control and command systems

Measurement and data collection systems

Operational management systems

Intranet systems, including intranet imaging server, project management and process compliance survey systems

The Topscom team is proficient in the use of a variety of languages and technologies including:

Languages: C, C++, HTML/DHTML, .net (C#,,,, VBScript, Visual Basic, XSL, XSLT, XML, ASP, DOM, Delphi, SQL

Operating Systems: Windows 9X, Windows 2000 Professional, Server and Advanced Server, Windows NT Workstation and Server, Windows XP, Windows CE, Novell Netware

Platforms: Exchange Server, SQL Server, IIS, Commerce Server

Technologies: COM+ / Transaction Server, COM, DCOM, .net, ADO, CDO,, ADS, MSMQ, MAPI, TAPI, WMI, Windows Drivers, Windows Sockets, RAS, Win32 API, MFC, Office Automation, Windows Installer, IBM MQ-Series, ATL, SNMP, Internet Explorer, Net

Topscom Technology is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers who is committed to provide customers high quality and customized applications software developm. Our factory can also give you wholesale service which is made in China, welcome to get applications software developm with us.

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