The consumer electronics industry makes products for everyone in the family and for every room in the house, from digital cameras to microwave ovens. 

For the consumer industry, Topscom provides services such as complete or cooperative design and a strong supply chain with low cost manufacturing capacity. 

Consumer Product OEM & Pcb assembly experience:

• Audio systems  

• CD players 

• Digital cameras  

• Display products  

• DVD systems  

• Electronic dictionaries   

• Gaming devices and peripherals  

• Keyboards   

• Microwave ovens 

• MP-3 devices  

• Projectors    

• Set-top boxes  

• Stereo systems  

• Televisions 

• VCRs   

• Video cameras  

• Washing machines and dryers


• GPS Receiver

• Multimedia UMPC Mobile PC

• Digital phone frames

• Portable DVD with DVB-T function

• PMP(MP4)with bluetooth and mobile TV function