Topscom helps leading companies in the industrial sector transform market challenges into competitive advantage.

Years of experience with diverse customers across multiple industries enables us to leverage our expertise and best practices to drive value for your business. We recognize that companies in the industrial market are looking for more than just manufacturing solutions. They need to design and implement the most effective supply chain solutions possible to service their customers, while managing the complexities of their supply chain, and meeting the highest quality standards.

Our dedicated teams, located in specialized global Centers of Excellence, work in close partnership with our customers to develop solutions that meet the unique challenges of a high complexity, low volume industry with highly specialized supply chain and end-customer requirements. We meet those needs by combining the responsiveness and focus of a local services company with the service offering, operational expertise, technical depth and financial strength of an innovative global supply chain services provider. Our solid foundation in advanced Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma across a diverse product mix ensures that we deliver the highest standards of quality, efficiency and reliability.

Topscomb's highly experienced global supply chain solutions team, collaboration tools and multi-million dollar purchasing leverage reduces costs, accelerates time-to-market and helps manage complex sourcing problems that are unique to our customers in the industrial market. We continuously invest in the development of new technologies and capabilities, product launch tools and information technology with a focus on helping our customers optimize their supply chains.

Industry field products turnkey OEM & Pcba assembly experience

We specialize in providing solutions for:

 self-service kiosks

complex electro-mechanical equipment

industrial automation and controls, and smart energy

Liquid-cooled boards and rack for a large electron microscope

Banknote identification modules

Off-road industrial and mining electronics 

Secure banking device 

Board / racks for semiconductor equipment 

Industrial and domestic lighting controls 

Network equipment and devices 

Temperature and pressure controls 

Temperature measurement instruments

Wireless heating controllers 

Tape feeder for SMT production lines SMT 

Semi-automated functional testers 

Diesel UPS / CPS 

Backbone interface card 

MDSL router

 Tension controller 

Passport scanner 

IP68 robust PDA 

oil and gas industry products pcba turnkey assembly manufacturing